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Finished: 08 PM Tue 02 Apr 19 UTC
Private ODC 2019 - R1 G3
1 day, 12 hours /phase
Pot: 35 D - Autumn, 1908, Finished
Classic, Anonymous players, Sum-of-Squares Scoring, Hidden draw votes, Wait for orders
1 excused missed turn
Game won by Mr. Green (335 D)
22 Feb 19 UTC Autumn, 1901: Hey England, I'm just curious about your situation with France and Germany. It looks like they may have collaborated those moves. Is that your read on the situation?
22 Feb 19 UTC Autumn, 1901: Also, Italy, why so nasty? What did I ever do to you?
22 Feb 19 UTC Autumn, 1901: And did no one ever teach you all to say good luck in global before the game? Sheesh.
22 Feb 19 UTC Autumn, 1901: Austria, I don’t believe you wished any of us good luck either!
22 Feb 19 UTC Autumn, 1901: Yeah well, it takes two to tango
22 Feb 19 UTC Autumn, 1901: For the record, France and I did not coordinate his move to the English Channel. And I was always open about my move to Holland with both of them.
22 Feb 19 UTC Autumn, 1901: Fake news?
22 Feb 19 UTC Autumn, 1901: For the record, the only lie I have told so far was to Austria when I agreed to a DMZ in Galicia.
22 Feb 19 UTC Autumn, 1901: Do we all want to commit to making this a public press only game?
22 Feb 19 UTC Autumn, 1901: I unilaterally and fully commit to a public press only.
22 Feb 19 UTC Autumn, 1901: I believe it’s now referred to as “French Channel”.
22 Feb 19 UTC Autumn, 1901: For the record, my last was only the second lie I have told so far.
25 Feb 19 UTC Spring, 1902: Hi boys! I can´t fight against 3 power at the same time, of course, (all of them cheat me), BUT, I can choose who is going to get my SPs, and this is my decision: Germany not at sure, because it´s very stupid think that germany can win the game not allied with england, and doing it with france, (france, at first, defeat england, and after defeat germany, like a child of 4 years old know...). Russia, not, because I offered him an status quo at skandinavia, but he thinks now that he can take all, and , he will get nothing.
And France yes, because he cheat me about the channel, but it´s he france game, take england and after take germany with the support of a french north sea fleet (germany, you NEVER can defeat france without a fleet in north sea). So, france is the winner :) .
And sorry, I thought this was a no in game messaging tournament. I never play messaging games to avoid this situations.
25 Feb 19 UTC Spring, 1902: How do we get players this bad in the ODC?
25 Feb 19 UTC Spring, 1902: I know that you talk about yourself...
25 Feb 19 UTC Spring, 1902: You're publicly throwing the game because year one didn't go your way. How pathetic.
25 Feb 19 UTC Spring, 1902: There are substitutes who would gladly take your place. Just post in the ODC thread that you'd like to quit. No need to ruin the first round of the tournament for others.
25 Feb 19 UTC Spring, 1902: Agree with Austria. It’s not even that anything that bad happened. England got one SC, just like Italy and Turkey did. You don’t see them throwing the game.
25 Feb 19 UTC Spring, 1902: This is a tournament. Throwong games isnt okay even if you have one army left and its stuck in North Africa.
27 Feb 19 UTC Autumn, 1902: I'm sorry to see that Germany, Russia, Italy and Turkey have all allied against poor Austria. I guess that's it for me then, but I'll go down fighting, rather than, you know, throwing the game when things don't go my way. ;)
27 Feb 19 UTC Autumn, 1902: n'abandonne jamais, mon amour…
04 Mar 19 UTC Autumn, 1903: perhaps germany is not seeing that if russia takes norway, the next one will be...denmark. but he is happy supporting hold sweden, and not my attack from skag :)
04 Mar 19 UTC Autumn, 1903: Perhaps
08 Mar 19 UTC Autumn, 1904: Good game folks.
08 Mar 19 UTC Autumn, 1904: Hi Austria! As you can see, a stupid player like me, throwing the game, ruin the first round of the tournament and so, is alive yet, and you not...This is your lesson from this game: when you have a 3-1 odds powers against you, all is over, and if you don´t want see like that 3 powers are laughing seeing you agonize, try to fuck one or two of them. Sometimes it works in no message games, but with messages, it´s more difficult. So, in message games, 3 mediocre players can easily defeat a good player, and you can do nothing. So, I never play message games.
Good luck for all guys.
08 Mar 19 UTC Autumn, 1904: and for the finnish, my skarregack fleet will move to north sea, cutting the support for a german attack to norway. So, russia can get sweden attacking with finland and baltic, and norway is at safe, because the 2 german pieces are attacked.
08 Mar 19 UTC Autumn, 1904: You have ruined the game. Not for me. I was dead anyway. But throwing in a tournament is unbelievable.
08 Mar 19 UTC Autumn, 1904: Yeah I’m 100% not attacking Norway. Russia offered Sweden and requested Norway this last turn.
08 Mar 19 UTC Autumn, 1904: Stunning news that England has no clue what he's talking about.
10 Mar 19 UTC Autumn, 1904: Seeing the last movement, I can,t stop laughing... Austria defeat before me, And germany Will be in two years, (really, he is died, but he doesn,t know It)...And i am the bad player, Who Didn,t fight And throwing the Game...
10 Mar 19 UTC Autumn, 1904: I’m very aware I’m done for.

And I’m not sure why you dislike me.
11 Mar 19 UTC Autumn, 1904: obviusly germany, if you cheat me at the beginning of the game, and sell me, I am happy that you will be the next one. perhaps, next time will think about choose better your allies...
11 Mar 19 UTC Spring, 1905: Just think: this England is going to sabotage every other ODC game he's part of. It's such a shame. I have no idea why the tournament mods didn't act already.
16 Mar 19 UTC Autumn, 1905: Good game Italy
18 Mar 19 UTC Spring, 1906: Good game all!
18 Mar 19 UTC Spring, 1906: Same to you Italy!
18 Mar 19 UTC Spring, 1906: Well fought!
31 Mar 19 UTC Congrats Mr Green, classy guy.

This was a pretty shocking outcome as this was all but over in a nice 3wd. In the end Roadhog wasn’t able to keep up well with the game causing his relationships to suffer and actions slowly stopped matching his words causing signalling his intentions so when the homestretch came and everybody made their final point padding scramble Russis ended up short. Taking exception to this he decided to toss the board and the rest is history.

It was a drastic and disappointing end to an ottherwise hard fought and enjoyable game.
31 Mar 19 UTC Very interesting game. It was, unfortunately, the story of a lot of implicit peace agreements falling apart as successive enemies were defeated. Italy, Germany, Russia, and finally Turkey turned from colleagues to foes. The game certainly did not end in the cleanest way possible (although few solos come cleanly). We were ready for the 3WD but Russia's press had become more spotty and Turkey convinced me that it would serve both of us to take a small bite out of the bear before drawing. Ultimately, the way those moves played out made me quite confident I could achieve the win, even without Russia's support. Ultimately, thanks to that support;rt, the cards fell very quickly. Turkey and Russia both played great games and this was a lot of fun.
31 Mar 19 UTC This was stalemateable had Russia been of that mindset. Would have taken a little work, but had Russia not fast-tracked your advancement and attempted to defend we would have had enough time to get things in place.
01 Apr 19 UTC I’m not here to arbitrate that
01 Apr 19 UTC If players had played differently, the game would have gone differently.
02 Apr 19 UTC First of all, good game to all. It was a fun, dynamic game.

I owe all of you an explanation as to why I decided to retreat from France and attack Turkey. Initially, I was trying to foster an alliance with Italy and France. In Autumn ’01, Italy made an ill advised play for Munich instead of Trieste. That made it clear to me that they were an unreliable ally. I then tried working in earnest with Turkey. I committed to ending the game with an even number of centers so that we would continue in the tourney with an even number of points.

It was an uneasy alliance from the start. It was difficult to fully trust them with their fleet in BLA, but they continued to behave according to agreements so I went along with the alliance. In ’02 I considered attacking them, but there was still too much at play on the board and decided not to attack. They continued to sell me on the idea that we could overpower France and come away with a superior draw in the end. They were obviously selling France the same bill of goods.

In the Autumn ’05 Turkey built two armies and I knew I was the odd man out. France hid their intentions much more skillfully than Turkey, but in the Spring ’06 when France evacuated Tunis to Piemonte and Turkey forced Tyrolia, it was clear that I would be on the shortest end of the stalemate lines. That meant that I would have a much slimmer chance of making it to the next round of the tourney.
As the tournament is scored SoS, I saw very little difference in the outcome for myself if I worked towards a three way stalemate. I also generally feel responsible to punish players when they get too greedy and overconfident.

I had quite a bit of travel in my schedule which did indeed hamper my ability to communicate with you all at various points during the game. Turkey has rightfully cited this as their reason for stabbing me. They incorrectly cited the fact that I was moving all of my units towards them as a pretext as well. What Turkey fails to cite is their utter failure at reading the board, the players involved, and the context in which the game took place.
02 Apr 19 UTC “They were obviously selling France the same bill of goods.“

That’s actually not true. You were fully my guy until stopped being there for me. These SoS games don’t work very well with the three way perfectly balanced board so the plan was always to go with you to that maximum board share scenario.

In the end you decided to either go super conservative due to lack of ability to commit to the game or were moving to cut me out. I couldn’t tell which, but regardless neither were an overly useful outcome.

My read was reasonable, but it’s quite untypical that somebody would go to this overkill response towards a slightly smaller draw standing. “Punishing for greed” was quite extreme and hypocritical considering leading up the two of us had the exact same intentions to make France the short straw player. This was a unreasonably sour-grape overreaction towards a situation you personally brought to the game. It’s always unfortunate when real life needs conflicts with the game, but there’s no sportsmanship in casting out punishment to others when our own diminished commitment causes our game to suffer.
02 Apr 19 UTC Man there is some freakin heat in this room.

Start Backward Open large map Forward End

Mr. Green (335 D)
Won. Bet: 5 D, won: 35 D
18 supply-centers, 14 units
VillageIdiot (6818 D)
Survived. Bet: 5 D
12 supply-centers, 13 units
Roadhog (304 D (G))
Survived. Bet: 5 D
4 supply-centers, 7 units
josemurc (28761 D)
Defeated. Bet: 5 D
JRoz (65 D)
Defeated. Bet: 5 D
hypotyposis (95 D)
Defeated. Bet: 5 D
FiftyFifty (107 D)
Defeated. Bet: 5 D
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