Finished: 05 AM Fri 15 Mar 19 UTC
1 day /phase
Pot: 70 D - Spring, 1914, Finished
Classic, No messaging, Anonymous players, Draw-Size Scoring, Hidden draw votes
1 excused missed turn
Game drawn

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13 Mar 19 UTC good game all. gave up on the solo when England went to tyrh sea.

tried to signal I wasnt going for solo so we could have gotten a smaller draw (withholding builds, giving warsaw and moscow to germany, moving units away from germany border, support orders for burgundy>mars and tyrh>tunis)

what could I have done to make this more appealing to you guys?
13 Mar 19 UTC It would never have been more appealing to me, since I'm the one who would have gotten kicked out of the draw :)

I'm very new to gunboat (I didn't have any idea of how to play it until about 1905, which was probably pretty obvious) but I learned a lot from this game, so thanks to everyone, especially to England and Germany. And good game to all!

Austria, I wont speak for Germany and England, but when you supported Germany into Mars I saw it as an attempt to prevent me from building fleets. I was concerned that your plan was to get German and England to spend their moves getting rid of me, and without my fleets in the Med you would have been able to move west and get the last few centers you needed to solo. I'm curious to see what they have to say, though.
13 Mar 19 UTC Yeah maybe I should banished Apulia to Armenia to be even less threatening.
13 Mar 19 UTC I could see how me breaking into Mid Atlantic could have been a concern without you around.
13 Mar 19 UTC Yeah, I was primarily worried about the Med. France's fleets were the only thing stopping you from taking the western Med centers, and taking Warsaw or Moscow might have invited another English stab now that you weren't such a threat, which I really wanted to avoid.
13 Mar 19 UTC Definitely stretched my forces out too much in mid-game. Can't say I didn't expect the first English stab, but I just prayed he would stay loyal.
13 Mar 19 UTC I could not do anything.
I was scared when Austria lowered the front.
But it was helped by the rational judgment of Germany and France.

Thank you for the good game.