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Finished: 01 PM Tue 22 Jan 19 UTC
Private On G-Candles’ Secret Service
1 day, 12 hours /phase
Pot: 175 D - Spring, 1913, Finished
Classic, No messaging, Anonymous players, Draw-Size Scoring
1 excused missed turn
Game drawn
21 Jan 19 UTC So Germany’s fun to be. Nice alliance
26 Jan 19 UTC Sorry it took me so long to get around to commenting on this game. I had quite a week with work.

First of all, great draw everyone. A well-played game of diplomacy should end in a 3 or 4 way draw.

Sam, that was a great game as Germany and a valiant solo win effort. Usually, if France has not been destroyed early on, a solo win is not possible for Germany. France is so easy to defend in the endgame (as demonstrated by my defense this game) compared to England and Russia, so if you leave France for last, usually you're not going to get the solo win. If you had persisted in playing the game a few ore turns, you could have forced me to give up Brest and Paris, but after that there would be a stalemate line leaving you at 16. So you were right to vote draw, as the game had come to its conclusion.

Just so everyone is aware (but especially Germany and England), I attacked England even though I knew it was very likely that Germany would outplay me and eventually end up with all the English home centers. Why? I was already playing for a draw. My ability to get a solo win was completely shut down once Germany was the strongest power. Because Turkey was also very strong, I (correctly) guessed that the game would end in a draw between me(France) Germany and Turkey, because that is a very common and stable draw. I (incorrectly) predicted that Turkey would be able to eliminate Austria before the end of the game.

David, that was a GREAT defensive game as Austria - as evidenced by your place in the draw of course. By occupying positions close to the stalemate line we needed to form, you assured yourself a place in the draw because it wouldn't have been possible to defend against Germany's solo win attempt without your cooperation. If Germany had NOT attempted a solo win and just played for the draw (what I was hoping for, as France), then you would have been whittled out in the end, BUT there would have been nothing you could do about that. As it happened, someone DID attempt a solo win who wasn't Turkey, which meant you got into the draw. Nice!!!!

Kaley, you are so good at playing Turkey at this point. I think you've played Turkey something like 9 times by now. You know your stuff. You played a very strong game and correctly understood when it was time to stop attacking Austria and just play for the draw. I also like that you snuffed out Italy, knowing that Italy was not at all needed to form the stalemate line. That's just like I taught you - finish off players who aren't needed to form the line, keep alive ones that are. Great game.

Also for what it's worth, I wasn't actually trying to attack you in Autumn 1909. I know this is really subtle, so I understand why you wouldn't have figured it out, but here's what I was trying to do: I KNEW that Italy was going to move ROM to TYS, so I thought that if I supported TYS to NAP with ION, your fleet in NAP would be dislodged and Italy would move into TYS, allowing you to RETREAT to ROM, finishing off Italy and allowing me to get another build to resist Germany (which in turn, I thought would buy you the time needed to finish off Austria). Again I realize that would be an insane level of guessing for you to realize what I was trying to do; I'm just explaining myself.

Dan it just sucks to draw England when I get France. I strongly believe in the "England must die" strategy for France and even I faked a truce so that you would go fight Germany, I planned the whole time to attack you as soon as you let your guard down. It's very hard to play as England if Germany won't cooperate with you.

Aurelia, your early attack on Austria resulted in what usually happens when Italy attacks Austria right away in gunboat: Turkey gets super-charged, Italy gets rolled out of Austria, and Austria has no choice but to screw over Italy to have any hope of making it into the draw. I strongly suspected that you were playing as Italy, because most of the players in this league have learned that it's a bad idea to attack Austria in 1901 as Italy. You were doing okay in Autumn 1904, but once you lost serbia it was very bad for you. In the war between Italy and Turkey, whoever controls Serbia will become the ultimate victor (because Serbia can make or support attacks on almost all the other centers).

You might have been able to fight your way into the draw, but I desperately wanted to trick England into thinking I was on his side, and I was pretty sure that in Spring 1905 you wouldn't see my attack coming and leave Tunis wide open (which is exactly what happened). I wanted Tunis soooo bad for several reasons 1) to screw you over and power up Turkey 2) to have an essential center in the south in case Germany attempted a solo win 3) To be build to build a 3rd fleet, without which I would be in bad shape in endgame 4) trick England into thinking I didn't want to fight. A lot of these reasons are really just "greed" described in a fancy way, but hey.

So in Autumn 1905 when you lost both Tunis and Serbia, you were in bad bad shape. Let this be a lesson to you about playing Italy in gunboat: Turkey and France are powerful, powerful foes that can easily come attack you in midgame or endgame if they get any measure of power. Each center they take is like twice as good for them to have as it was for you to have (in terms of power). Austria, by contrast, is really weak and can be attacked and obliterated at almost any time (I've seen Austria at 8 centers go down to 0 in just 2 years). So prioritizing an attack on Austria is a mistake, when Turkey and France (at least ONE of them) will likely come after you later and possibly be too strong to resist (especially if you're all tied up fighting Austria).

Kevin, it just sucks to draw Russia in gunboat. Nice try. Turkey took advantage of the early war between Italy and Austria to shut you down before making the serious attack on Austria (very good play by Kaley), and somehow Germany managed to haul off and kick the crap out of you while fighting France and England at the same time, that's just all very misfortunate for you.

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CogZilla (218 D)
Drawn. Bet: 25 D, won: 44 D
14 supply-centers, 14 units
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11 supply-centers, 11 units
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