Finished: 09 PM Sat 05 May 18 UTC
Friday Nite Fite
5 minutes /phase
Pot: 140 D - Autumn, 1910, Finished
Classic, No messaging, Anonymous players, Draw-Size Scoring, Hidden draw votes
1 excused missed turn
Game won by dipperjay (1965 D (G))

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05 May 18 UTC France shellacked us. Russia you should have supported me into Munich, we could have held a stable line against France.
05 May 18 UTC GOOD GAME EVERYONE. Congratulations France.
05 May 18 UTC Lol for days.
05 May 18 UTC Well played France
05 May 18 UTC Yes I should but I didn't know you would make that move.

Plus I had to defend constantly against that idiot Turkey who just threw the game to France.

And lol at Italy doing absolutely bugger all the entire game when he could have made a big difference.
05 May 18 UTC Thanks. Good game, thanks for playing all.
05 May 18 UTC Well played France but you owe Turkey and Italy a lot of thanks.
05 May 18 UTC I signaled that I was going to Munich by going to Munich on the previous turn, also by advancing all my armies toward Munich on the turn before! It was the linchpin of the stalemate line.

I wish I were in Munich
05 May 18 UTC Don’t forget Austria’s self support moves in the beginning :)
05 May 18 UTC I was exploring Peace. I was worried that Italy would appear, which the new Italy eventually did. I didn't want to be out of position and surprised. So I stayed home.
05 May 18 UTC I challenged the assumptions of the game, and lost.
05 May 18 UTC Nmpolo, I know, but that’s part of the game I guess. I had cancel up the entire game, up until the last Fall season in which I was going to win because of Italy’s NMR in the first year.
05 May 18 UTC Indeed. A lot of stupidity in this game.

Austria, yes, you did but the blame is on Turkey for making me defend so much that supporting you into Munich wasn't a big concern for me.
05 May 18 UTC And thanks for taking over Italy, Commander Thomas.
05 May 18 UTC It was Russia's responsibility to get to a stalemate with France in the north. Italy and I had him covered in the south.

Russia thought they could solo and stabbed me and France in an poor decision
05 May 18 UTC Yeah that's fair, France. I removed my cancel because I wanted to tell Turkey he's an idiot for throwing the game to France and if the game cancelled, we'd never know who was who.
05 May 18 UTC When did I stab you? Lol. I was defending against you all the time.
05 May 18 UTC I didn't think I could solo, France was always in a far better position to win the entire game and only had 1 small border to defend.
05 May 18 UTC I agree, with a passive Italy, I could concentrate on the north and because Russia didn’t really break through in Denmark and Germany, my position was very good,
05 May 18 UTC I think, nmpolo, you maybe have supported Germany for too long, instead of taking it yourself and adding the units to your defense