Finished: 09 PM Mon 02 Apr 18 UTC
5 minutes /phase
Pot: 140 D - Spring, 1908, Finished
Classic, No messaging, Anonymous players, Draw-Size Scoring, Hidden draw votes
1 excused missed turn
Game drawn

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02 Apr 18 UTC Sorry dipper. I would have canceled but Russia prevented it.
02 Apr 18 UTC Gg
02 Apr 18 UTC The cancel vote should be irrevocable... it's too fishy letting people change their mind about it.
02 Apr 18 UTC Lol I was scared that I completely fucked up orders when it said “game moved on” lolololol
02 Apr 18 UTC Russia, considering it was your late arrival that skewed the game that was poor form.

Dipper I only attacked you at first because you took the cancel down. You put it back up but by that point Russia decided to be obstinate.
02 Apr 18 UTC Agreed on cancel vote being final... I think? Admittedly haven’t thought much in it. Also got super spooked by France double fleet build there lol
02 Apr 18 UTC I put the pause up to signal I wanted to draw with Austria involved. He shouldn't have gotten this outcome.
02 Apr 18 UTC Well yeah building two fleets is the natural response when someone drives one of theirs adjacent to your property.
02 Apr 18 UTC I personally would love live games to autocancel if there's an NMR in spr 01
02 Apr 18 UTC I was thinking pause might mean draw signaling, tho wasn’t really sure tbh. Russia nmr’ing 1901 was brutal on game state tho
02 Apr 18 UTC You could have let me survive, teacher :(

I changed my cancel vote to draw for only one season after Italy was defeated, and I played only passive moves. I hoped everyone would do the same, but when that didn't work, I reinstated my cancel vote, but then Russia revoked his...
02 Apr 18 UTC France, I was doing it more in response to turkey being super fleet heavy and having capability to break through MAO, as well as Rome. Not sure why he didn’t convoy to apilia, would have been +EV (I think?)
02 Apr 18 UTC Ah well, that's the difficulty of gunboat!
02 Apr 18 UTC I saw what you were doing but was worried France hadn't put the pause up. Was concerned he was trying to solo BC of Russia. I am truly sorry, and it was a pleasure playing with you.
02 Apr 18 UTC I was pissed off because Italy was the only player not voting cancel and wasting everyone's time, so after he was gone in a concerted effort, I thought and try to make him pay for that :)
02 Apr 18 UTC I don't wanna pause a live game, yeezus
02 Apr 18 UTC Was fun playing w you all as well :)
(Also I was paranoid about France solo too lol)
We did work well against Germany tho :)
02 Apr 18 UTC No worries, teacher, France was just as ruthless
02 Apr 18 UTC And yes I could have convoyed but didn't want to suggest to the board that I had any interest in a solo based on a skewed game.
02 Apr 18 UTC Votes are signalling. There's no chance in hell everyone will vote pause. (And if they do, its essentially a default draw since nobody will restart a live game)