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Finished: 11 AM Sat 27 Jan 18 UTC
RV's Gunboat
1 day /phase
Pot: 350 D - Autumn, 1914, Finished
Classic, No messaging, Anonymous players, Sum-of-Squares Scoring, Hidden draw votes
1 excused missed turn
Game won by czechveck (363 D)

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25 Jan 18 UTC Poorly played replacement England though I have to admit if not for prior England's civil disorder I would have had to draw.

Gg sweets. Sorry about the stab.
25 Jan 18 UTC :P
I'm completely new at this game, so that's not surprising.
25 Jan 18 UTC Just wondering, what do you think I should have done? I'm not sure, so...
25 Jan 18 UTC I'm glad you asked. In the spring your fleet in english channel should have supported MAO. That is the draw line (one if several) also if you take st Pete's you should have taken it with the army in Denmark to help support hold Moscow. Probably would have been better off not attacking Russia at all.
25 Jan 18 UTC The fall was more tricky with me potentially attacking Portugal, which would have worked if I had gone with MAO. You needed to cut support by attacking Spain and attacking MAO while also covering Brest. BOUNCING all around. VERY TOUGH.
25 Jan 18 UTC Fwiw I did have my draw vote up several times but England ? Did not, so I stabbed Italy first and then Russia later. The draw vote went up the turn England missed and i took it down just before the cycle.
25 Jan 18 UTC I see. Thanks for the advice :)
25 Jan 18 UTC Do you have any advice on how to get better at this game?
25 Jan 18 UTC Play more. Don't miss turns and give up just cause you may be losing. Look at the board from you opponents perspective. Look at how others handle adverse situations.
25 Jan 18 UTC Use the spring turn to set up the fall turn (doesn't always work). In other words think ahead
25 Jan 18 UTC Alright, thanks a lot. I'll take it to mind.
25 Jan 18 UTC In this game you'll note that I did not support hold MAO. Worst case retreat to Brest or if covered to NAO threatening Liverpool and points beyond, which is why holding the MAO was critical in the turn prior
25 Jan 18 UTC GG. While the solo was likely going to occur, it did no good taking a Russian center which would simply allow Turkey a further SC to gain since it forced the removal of a unit.

Good game Turkey. I knew the stab would come and I was out of position to stop as I moved to stop an English solo.
25 Jan 18 UTC Turkey - nice game. Well played.

I think you should have stabbed Russia sooner but in the end it didn’t matter.

You did not stab me. We were never allies. When you allied with Russia and defeated Austria, I could not defend against both you and England. I tried to ally with England to stop you and Russia, but England took a shot at running the table, I didn’t see a path to victory for England, but apparently she thought she did, and the rest is history.
25 Jan 18 UTC Tks for your comments
25 Jan 18 UTC Like I said prior England could have drawn, my vote was up for a while.