Finished: 07 PM Mon 01 May 17 UTC
Private New GB2
2 days /phase
Pot: 35 D - Spring, 1914, Finished
Classic, No messaging, Anonymous players, Draw-Size Scoring
1 excused missed turn
Game drawn

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29 Apr 17 UTC Gg
29 Apr 17 UTC gg
29 Apr 17 UTC At least I was the LAST to go
29 Apr 17 UTC I was busy with Turkey, so you were off the menu for awhile. I should have moved on France earlier to try and snag my SC across the stalemate line. Hindsight 20/20...
29 Apr 17 UTC I was the one that made turkey and Russia weak so you can thank me now
29 Apr 17 UTC Partially. It was also me twittling my thumbs for a couple years, allowing you to break them down a bit.
29 Apr 17 UTC I should have stabbed you in the beginning
29 Apr 17 UTC It was obvious you could choose to try to cross the line OR stab me. I figured you'd realize that, and I was having fun doing IT. I was sad you chose the points instead, I'll be even more sad if you didn't also realize the obvious consequences.
29 Apr 17 UTC I didn't see where you could realistically expect to expand after you captured Moscow. I was very worried about my own safety.
29 Apr 17 UTC *without coming my direction
29 Apr 17 UTC Ah well. Good playing with you all. Should be the last GB I play for quite some time.
29 Apr 17 UTC I forgot what a strong lineup we had here. But I actually find it easier to play against good players. How many people playing Germany would decide to let me take England to concentrate on Italy? Well done, James.
29 Apr 17 UTC James, why did you keep bouncing Sweden? It seemed objectively bad for you- I think letting the southern powers take me apart is what ensured you didn't cross the line.
29 Apr 17 UTC your initial move to Livonia was an aggressive gesture, and you never let up, so don't put all this on me.
29 Apr 17 UTC Livonia isn't aggressive! Livonia says "it makes sense for you to give me Sweden", with the additional advantage that it's peaceful to England.

Generally the Livonia move is a convoy to Sweden- if it doesn't get in, then there's two armies (Liv and a new one in Warsaw) that can come for Germany. If it does get in then there's no problem.

My general thinking is bouncing Russia in Sweden isn't strong, and it's definitely not strong if Russia has moved to Livonia. You got "lucky" here in that I was attacked from the south, so couldn't meaningfully captialise on your mistake, but it also meant that you'd never see Moscow or Warsaw, which are surely the goals if you're Germany and you attack Russia.

Why on earth would you see it as aggressive? What are the follow up moves?
29 Apr 17 UTC The follow up moves are an attack on Baltic Sea, to obtain leverage over Denmark. It's strategy i have used myself *successfully* in the past

the essential rationale behind the move is to push units to the north, and it's nearly as aggressive against Germany as a move to St. P would be against England.

if you had simply moved only your fleet to GoB, and Moscow had headed south, then there'd be considerably less of a threat. by having two units stationed up there, both of which are near my territories, was not something i was comfortable against.

furthermore, Britain and France had clearly been quarreling and so my fight son the western front were considerably less than the archetypal fighting.
29 Apr 17 UTC Livonia is most definitely *not* aggressive toward Germany. If he wanted it to be aggressive, he could easily move Mos-Liv and War-Sil. As it was, there was no reason to think that he had any intention of attacking you, especially given that I had opened to ENG. The best move in that spot would have been to team up on a fighting E/F, kick me out of Norway, and go your separate ways.
29 Apr 17 UTC it wasn't as aggressive as it could have been, but 2 units in the north irks me. I've had opening moves EXACTLY the same as Russia's that ended up in an assault on Germany.

furthermore, BECAUSE England wasn't going after me, i saw no reason to attack him. this attacking Russia seemed more reasonable
29 Apr 17 UTC That didn't stop you from building a third fleet in 1903 though. Your attacks changed direction so many times I lost count by 1904. By my count, each year you attacked/were aggressive against a different country:

1902: Russia
1903: France
1904: England
1905: Back to Russia

I don't see anything reasonable in that strategy.
29 Apr 17 UTC That wasn't my strategy.

It was anti Russia & France, until France was looking desperate and you looked to have an opening in the MAO (1903) in which case i withdrew my forces and moved against you.

Furthermore, my withdrawal from France was entirely justified since Russia was about to surround Berlin.