Finished: 11 PM Wed 23 Nov 16 UTC
5 minutes /phase
Pot: 70 D - Autumn, 1911, Finished
Classic, No messaging, Anonymous players, Draw-Size Scoring
1 excused missed turn
Game won by Yoyoyozo (182 D)

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Chat archive


23 Nov 16 UTC GG
23 Nov 16 UTC Oh man! That was a hard game!
23 Nov 16 UTC GG everyone
23 Nov 16 UTC Oh man! That was a hard game!
23 Nov 16 UTC Holy shit Austria do you know how the game works or what?
23 Nov 16 UTC Sorry I refreshed
23 Nov 16 UTC Good game yoyo, kaka, darg, mastertow.
23 Nov 16 UTC Is that an insult or compliment?
23 Nov 16 UTC so, finally over. gg wp

also france, if you had watched at the orders, you would've noticed that I made liverpool free for you. But I guess with so many units its not enough time to look at the unit orders from last turn. Thanks for the game.

Germany ... why did you throw everything against me in the end, that didn't just not help you, that also meant that I was beaten because of it. You took me with you into the abyss. But alright I guess.

I'm just mad about that Italy move and then abandoning the game. That was frustrating as hell -.-
23 Nov 16 UTC That was a blast... my first live gunboat.
23 Nov 16 UTC You had to make a push West wayyy earlier to try and break up the stalemate line, grab Tunis maybe, do something. Instead you keep attacking me, like a broken robot.
23 Nov 16 UTC ^^to Austria
23 Nov 16 UTC I hoped Russia would help me more
23 Nov 16 UTC Well, that attacking of moscow from sevastopol didn't help though, moscow.

But france could've just walked into austria or go further into the mediterranean ... I think that would've been even faster for him to win.
23 Nov 16 UTC We three crossed signals a few turns, it seemed to me... my bad, probably.
23 Nov 16 UTC three being turkey, austria, and me
23 Nov 16 UTC Also turkey, I couldn't because you were attacking me!
23 Nov 16 UTC Lol kaka I did that to speed the game up. It was a guaranteed win long before that move.
23 Nov 16 UTC I sent multiple support orders to you. You should really check the orders tab, as those don't show up when cut.

Anyhow, this was frustrating, but still good game all. I need to get some sleep now:)
23 Nov 16 UTC I was trying to stay alive at that point... hoping that I wouldn't be the one eliminated... but not wanting to push someone else TOO far, either. I thought the moscow move was ok.... I messed up defending there at the end a little.