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Finished: 12 PM Sun 19 Jun 16 UTC
Yala Austria Yala-2
7 minutes /phase
Pot: 70 D - Spring, 1905, Finished
Classic, Draw-Size Scoring
1 excused missed turn
Game drawn
18 Jun 16 UTC Autumn, 1904: because there is 2 vs 1, come on, having 159 points should not be an amateur.
18 Jun 16 UTC Autumn, 1904: Fine, you are the only person not voting draw you I assumed you were trying to Solo
18 Jun 16 UTC Because I don't wish to draw as I have fighting hard!
18 Jun 16 UTC Draw Turkey
18 Jun 16 UTC Are you not?
18 Jun 16 UTC you are a bad player turkey
18 Jun 16 UTC You guys keep blaming but fighting each other. Once no advantage can be made, then ask me to draw, is that fair for me?
18 Jun 16 UTC that was ugly
18 Jun 16 UTC Forcing a draw because you guys cannot defeat your neighbors then blaming me having an advantage. This is sick.
Draw should be at the beginning of the game, but not after a superpower formed.
Time is being wasted.
18 Jun 16 UTC you are the amateur turkey
18 Jun 16 UTC Besides, Italy, read the instruction, then go cry to your mama.
18 Jun 16 UTC Check the instruction, because my attack is from Serbia but not Alb. Come on.
18 Jun 16 UTC i move adriatic to albania... if i do this, the support is out....
18 Jun 16 UTC you check the instruction
18 Jun 16 UTC how subborn are you! Check it first!
18 Jun 16 UTC cry??? ohhh yes, when i move to aegean you cry a lot, come on
18 Jun 16 UTC England and Germany, you were ridiculous. I opened the game going for Italy and you both forced me into a never ending fight at the stalemate line. Very world war 1 but unfortunately not the best strategy if you want to do well. You need to trust people in order to win this game. With Russia gone you guys should have both had an explosive start but you both ended up failing. You are lucky that turkey agreed to draw, because he or she easily could have beaten us all because of your errors.
18 Jun 16 UTC Think about that, if Tri go Serbia cut support Alb, then you can use 1 to defend 2, is it possible? Adr is not a cut support but direct going to Alb as Alb is unoccupied.
I don't want to waste time to explain to amateur anymore, ask other players here, then you will find you are wrong. Bye.
18 Jun 16 UTC come on, thats stupid... this is a game... come on turkey, you are a good player
18 Jun 16 UTC Guys, please teach Italy how to play Diplomacy. My move to Tri is definitely legal.
18 Jun 16 UTC France, I definitely can win with you, not doubt. Italy made a fault and going to die as 9 vs 5, then I push North and ally with you, game over.
But I feel sick that guys blaming me taking advantage but in fact I just took Sev, the others is gained by my technic. Pathetic draw.
18 Jun 16 UTC copy frome the instructions:
18 Jun 16 UTC Also; if a unit is being attacked it has to defend itself by holding, and can't support another unit.
18 Jun 16 UTC But your move to Serbia is failed, my Alb can go to Tri without trouble. really that stubborn?
18 Jun 16 UTC who dont read the rules?
18 Jun 16 UTC 9 versus 5??? draw game
18 Jun 16 UTC If that's in reverse, Alb support move Seb to Tri, then it will became status quo.
18 Jun 16 UTC Italy, I suggest a side bet with you about this issue, let's put that in forum. If I am right you need to apologize to me.
18 Jun 16 UTC if I keep fighting you, 9 units vs your 5, you really think you can survive? The north is busy dealing themselves and no one saves you.
18 Jun 16 UTC I you look at the old conversations I have been trying to draw this game since the start. Italy, the website does not make mistakes in the orders. Your move to Albany did not cut support because Albany was moving, not supporting. Your move to Serbia did not cut support because you were outnumbered.
18 Jun 16 UTC the only way i would survive is fighting against you, and i have survived :)
18 Jun 16 UTC I agree that turkey could have won the game.
18 Jun 16 UTC It was honorable of you to draw.
18 Jun 16 UTC when i played in other sites, its the same as a double support hold... if in this page isn´t the same, ok, i appologize turkey
18 Jun 16 UTC You have survived because I let you to. Admit that. It is shame that you don't want to admit your fault at Tri and thinking you still can fight me.
18 Jun 16 UTC turkey could won the game, but i deffend and turkey dont win
18 Jun 16 UTC No site should let you hold Tri at least they are playing in a unofficial way.
18 Jun 16 UTC Smy to EM, pushing I Sea away.
I take Bud then Vie, or even stealing Ven. Why you have the confident that you can survive?
18 Jun 16 UTC its too difficult for italy deffend from turkey, when russia and austria gone out
18 Jun 16 UTC and i can I CAN I CAN I CAN I CAN I CAN
18 Jun 16 UTC and I do not even know well the rules
18 Jun 16 UTC an amateur drawn you, turkey... feel that
18 Jun 16 UTC when i know the rules.... prepare yourself
18 Jun 16 UTC How arrogance are you Italy, I chose to draw not because of you. Pathetic that you still enjoy your fantasy.
18 Jun 16 UTC after the joke, it was an interesting game, I admit that the Turkish could win and has been nobly leaving it on draw
18 Jun 16 UTC thats a joke, turkey, come on
18 Jun 16 UTC relax
18 Jun 16 UTC why can we be friends? we love this game and i wish i play with you soon
18 Jun 16 UTC ok
18 Jun 16 UTC ?

Start Backward Open large map Forward End

jv (75 D X)
Drawn. Bet: 10 D, won: 12 D
9 supply-centers, 9 units
eliwhitney (107 D (G))
Drawn. Bet: 10 D, won: 12 D
6 supply-centers, 6 units
Drawn. Bet: 10 D, won: 12 D
6 supply-centers, 6 units
sahleao (1139 D)
Drawn. Bet: 10 D, won: 12 D
5 supply-centers, 5 units
The_Spanish (100 D)
Drawn. Bet: 10 D, won: 12 D
5 supply-centers, 5 units
jka1509 (100 D)
Drawn. Bet: 10 D, won: 12 D
1 supply-centers, 1 units
chlue (117 D)
Resigned. Bet: 10 D
2 supply-centers, 2 units
Civil Disorders
chlue (117 D)Russia (Autumn, 1901) with 4 centres.
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