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Finished: 02 AM Sun 20 Mar 16 UTC
Private Cheeseburger in Paradise
2 days /phase
Pot: 35 D - Autumn, 1911, Finished
Classic, Unranked
1 excused missed turn
Game won by Socrates Dissatisfied (1727 D)
07 Mar 16 UTC Autumn, 1909: <3
09 Mar 16 UTC Autumn, 1909: Valis, just out of curiosity - what's your excuse for being so "polite" towards me? Your childish reactions towards me were before the time when you pretend you were replaced by a sitter
09 Mar 16 UTC Autumn, 1909: I'm very offended that you think I'm lying about that. I don't lie about things like that, I don't consider it part of the game, part of diplomacy phase. I don't lie about whether someone was sitting my account anymore than I falsely accuse someone of metagaming for multi-county. I had my qualification exam for whether I can move on in the Ph.D program in chemistry at MIT. I wanted a week why didn't have to worry about games, and clearly I chose the wrong person.

You were annoying and unreasonable about working together so I decided not to work with you comma referring to our interactions before my sitter to come over. If you can't accept that that's okay people have differing opinions all the time in this game about whether they gave reasonable discourse or not
09 Mar 16 UTC Autumn, 1909: GG France, I recommend not stabbing me next time ;)
09 Mar 16 UTC Autumn, 1909: I recommend not telling SD to fuck off when SD can and will kill you for it. I'll take it personally, unless you're Austria, who has a penchant for swearing in a way that is charming.
09 Mar 16 UTC Autumn, 1909: <3 SD was in my last invitational, he knows me

He will also notice if I changed my personality completely for a week...
09 Mar 16 UTC Autumn, 1909: GG Austria, but what do you mean you recommend not stabbing me?
SD I recommend you don't patronize allies right after stabbing them and expect them not to get annoyed.
09 Mar 16 UTC Autumn, 1909: You promised BUR s BOH-MUN bro.
09 Mar 16 UTC Autumn, 1909: Oooh yeah sorry about that. Yeah that was wrong of me.
09 Mar 16 UTC Autumn, 1909: Nice recommendation, I would take it on board, but um, well, look at the board ;-)
09 Mar 16 UTC Autumn, 1909: Meant it as a general rule
10 Mar 16 UTC Autumn, 1909: I'll bear your advice in mind ;-)
14 Mar 16 UTC Autumn, 1910: Valis, if you dont want to see any press, go play gunboat
14 Mar 16 UTC Autumn, 1910: Shouldn't Valis and Jamie cooperate to prevent SD from getting a solo?
14 Mar 16 UTC Autumn, 1910: Yes, I gave him three turns to and he decided not to three turns in a row. So unfortunately it's not happening. SD's win is now 100% secured, not sure what he has to contemplate build wise but that's his prerogative.
14 Mar 16 UTC Autumn, 1910: Valis, did you mute him as well?
14 Mar 16 UTC Autumn, 1910: Well, I am still muted ...
14 Mar 16 UTC Autumn, 1910: Yes. There's nothing left to negotiate. Sorry if you find it offensive.
14 Mar 16 UTC Autumn, 1910: I actually do find muting people offensive in a full press game and only use it myself when I feel personally insulted by a player. But that s my very personal point of view and obviously everyone is entiteled to his own opinion ...
15 Mar 16 UTC Autumn, 1910: He has muted me as well.

All that bullshit about a "sitter" was clearly just that - the real Valis is a petulant child.
15 Mar 16 UTC Spring, 1911: The game is over and I don't want to waste my time
GG everyone
15 Mar 16 UTC Spring, 1911: You and your probably fake "sitter" wasted everyone's time for the better part of a week, Valis. Sod off.
15 Mar 16 UTC Spring, 1911: You wasted my time for the better part of two months. You've played pathetically. You refused to stab Austria (exactly as I would have done) until the moment that you unconditionally could not afford to stab Austria. You literally did the one thing that could have fucked it up for you, and I'm not sure what you expected to gain from it.

Valis's sitter was real. I don't know if Valis has told you who it was or not but he was definitely the sitter. Get over yourself.
15 Mar 16 UTC Spring, 1911: let's just all ready up, and take things as they come, before this gets too unpleasant....
15 Mar 16 UTC Spring, 1911: It's gonna get unpleasant. Poor asshole Italy can't stand that he fucked up the draw that I'd been telling him he would lose this whole time. I'm gonna shove the "I told you so" up his floppy urethra.
15 Mar 16 UTC Spring, 1911: This is an unranked game. It doesn't even go on our records. bo_sox, you're being immensely childish, coming back in here bitching.

I am going to ready up with all holds. Who cares anymore?
15 Mar 16 UTC Spring, 1911: There you go. My holds are ready. GG, Socrates.
15 Mar 16 UTC Spring, 1911: If you're allowed to be immensely childish, I can too.
15 Mar 16 UTC Spring, 1911: Guys calm down you're the people I always see on the forum making sarcastic jokes with each other I'd hate to see that end. Seriously though it's unranked so we live to fight another day.
15 Mar 16 UTC Spring, 1911: Being unranked should be no excuse for one's play. That's a very poor reasoning and would lead to unranked games being terrible. People play unranked all the time F2F, doesn't make it different or allow for anything a ranked game wouldn't.
15 Mar 16 UTC Spring, 1911: It's part of my opposition to unranked games. I didn't speak out a whole lot because there are merits to it and I trusted the people I play with to play well but that hasn't happened on multiple occasions other than this one.

Once I leave this game chat, I don't hold grudges. In game chat, though, I do. Strong ones.
15 Mar 16 UTC Spring, 1911: Right. Since various accusations are being levelled at me, allow me to respond.

Firstly, let's talk about bo_sox. At several points in the game, while bo_sox still had plently of opportunity to avoid elimination, I raised concerns that England / SD was already getting into a very strong position, and that bo_sox should really try to make peace with Germany to position to defend against that. Bo's response was to say "there's nothing I can do" while calling me a wuss for not stabbing Austria. In 1905 Bo could have taken St. Petersburg (and would then have been able to re-take Warsaw) but elected not to do so.

Bo, your play in this game has been terrible and you're in no position to lecture anyone else.

Valis: You're hardly in a position to complain about people's play either. I was working well with you in a good alliance I did note that during 1908 your press got a little quieter and more... awkward. At that time, as can be seen from the map, I was working hard to make it difficult for England to overpower me in France and Iberia if he did decide to push for the solo...

Suddenly, 1909, and with all three of his home SCs available to build in, and with Venice open, Austria builds an army at Trieste. I asked him why he did this, when he could just as easily have built at Budapest. In return I got a load of abuse and when I suggested that this threatened our alliance, he replied "I don't care". At the same time Austria / Valis was muting people, calling people "cunt" in chat, and all that other unpleasantness.

I felt I had no choice but to pull back slightly from the potential front with England which, in turn, empowered England to make the move he has now made. I had hoped that England / SD, being just as upset with Austria / Valis as I was, might hang back to allow Austria to be eliminated and the game to end. However I respect his right not to do that.

Now, Valis, you may blame your "sitter" for this if you like - and I know not everyone in the game believes your claims about a sitter but even if they are true, you can blame yourself for choosing a bad sitter, but don't blame me for the fact that the 1909 behaviour from you / Austria made me pull back from the front.
15 Mar 16 UTC Spring, 1911: Valis, muting seems to be your solution to everything when you are out of arguments
15 Mar 16 UTC Spring, 1911: You are spamming me with questions I have already answered and wasting my time.
15 Mar 16 UTC Spring, 1911: so what is it? I am curious.
Not suicidally supporting you into Moscow when you asked me to? Or not stopping attacks on you earlier? Both things I explained to you - in long and large. And I can't find any other things that according to you I did wrong an you explained to me in the press records
15 Mar 16 UTC Spring, 1911: Actually when we really disagreed on something for the first time, you immediately muted me ...
15 Mar 16 UTC Spring, 1911: Let's just try and ready up and avoid emotional hostilities....
17 Mar 16 UTC Spring, 1911: BUR-MAR
17 Mar 16 UTC Spring, 1911: What a tough retreat
17 Mar 16 UTC Cannot send message; this thundering asshole has muted you.
17 Mar 16 UTC What a tough defense of Spain
17 Mar 16 UTC Cannot send message, Valis is a cunt.
18 Mar 16 UTC Can you believe a user would mute another user?
18 Mar 16 UTC For spamming the forum? Eventually, perhaps.

In a press game, it's awful conduct and bad play.
18 Mar 16 UTC Woo it's over.
18 Mar 16 UTC GG everyone.
18 Mar 16 UTC GG Socrates, Pete, Hannibal, and Sevyas.
18 Mar 16 UTC GG man
18 Mar 16 UTC And everyone else
18 Mar 16 UTC And everyone else

Start Backward Open large map Forward End

Won. Bet: 5 D, won: 5 D
18 supply-centers, 15 units
Jamiet99uk (443 D)
Survived. Bet: 5 D
8 supply-centers, 10 units
Valis2501 (2585 D (G))
Survived. Bet: 5 D
4 supply-centers, 5 units
Sevyas (869 D)
Survived. Bet: 5 D
4 supply-centers, 3 units
bo_sox48 (5013 D Mod (G))
Defeated. Bet: 5 D
Pete U (293 D)
Defeated. Bet: 5 D
Hannibal76 (246 D (B))
Defeated. Bet: 5 D
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