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Finished: 03 AM Sun 01 Nov 15 UTC
Private Horizon
1 day, 12 hours /phase
Pot: 350 D - Autumn, 1906, Finished
Classic, Anonymous players, Draw-Size Scoring
1 excused missed turn
Game drawn
08 Oct 15 UTC Spring, 1902: We do love our gray checks.
15 Oct 15 UTC Autumn, 1903: GG all, sorry 'bout nmr, thought I hit save, guess not.
15 Oct 15 UTC Autumn, 1903: GG France
16 Oct 15 UTC Autumn, 1903: GG France.
16 Oct 15 UTC Autumn, 1903: GG France
19 Oct 15 UTC Spring, 1904: Sorry about not finalizing guys. I have a really busy day today and want to give the next phase my full attention.
19 Oct 15 UTC Spring, 1904: No worries.
26 Oct 15 UTC Autumn, 1905: Gg England & Austria.
26 Oct 15 UTC Autumn, 1905: Yes. GG
27 Oct 15 UTC Autumn, 1905: Gg
27 Oct 15 UTC Autumn, 1905: gg
27 Oct 15 UTC Autumn, 1905: turkey, ready up please
27 Oct 15 UTC Autumn, 1905: Thx turkey.
27 Oct 15 UTC Autumn, 1905: Gg England and austria
28 Oct 15 UTC Autumn, 1905: Turkey, sorry to be a bother but I would love to end this
29 Oct 15 UTC Spring, 1906: that was a lot of movement..............wow
29 Oct 15 UTC Spring, 1906: Haha. Yes, that it was.
29 Oct 15 UTC Gg all Turkey
Gg All
29 Oct 15 UTC Good game. Disappointed that there was no G/R war going there :P
29 Oct 15 UTC Also pleased my balls-deep opening against France paid off.
29 Oct 15 UTC GG. All. Germany and I actually figured out how to war. HR, he did ask me for the two way, but he sent too many units to England and not enough on your flank
29 Oct 15 UTC How to not war^^
29 Oct 15 UTC I was hoping you'd go for a solo run, ssorenn. You had a good opportunity at one point; but I thought I could stop you and then take it myself if you did.
29 Oct 15 UTC GG guys.
29 Oct 15 UTC except Italy, you can suck it ;)
29 Oct 15 UTC i may have tried, if Germany moved your way, he said he was but never did

as Russia, having to allocate two armies to cover Turkish SC doesn't lend to playing for solo...i should have built more fleets :))

Sorry Damian, i always felt you were looking for that opportunity to set up the stab--enjoyed playing with you for the first time
29 Oct 15 UTC Germany asked me to DMZ MAO at one point but there was no way I was falling for that; and it made it pretty hard for him to come my way when I had those two fleets there.
29 Oct 15 UTC He was supposed to be in burgundy and Gascony two moves ago with armies. It would have drawn more of your units.

BTW, did you know it was me. I couldn't remember who was in this game except Damian.
29 Oct 15 UTC I was considering Brest-Gas, Bel-Burgundy for several phases. I thought that it would be best to leave it alone. Your welcome :). If you had taken the DMZ, I definitely wouldve stabbed though.
29 Oct 15 UTC Germany, nice to work together. It was a toss up, between stabbing the Turk or you.
29 Oct 15 UTC It was a pleasure playing with you gentlemen. Next time I will attempt to give you more of a challenge.
29 Oct 15 UTC I considered forcing the Channel in Spring this year and seeing what happened from there. Considered going for Liverpool myself too. But I just wasn't convinced Russia would ever side with me against Germany.
29 Oct 15 UTC England, you made some good moves tactically, I hope you learned the other side of the game. You demeanor at times was abrasive and that why I did not want to work with you. Then I think a light went off for you but it was too late. Anger time perhaps
29 Oct 15 UTC I agree with with russia. After I stabbed you, I wouldve considered working with you to take russia if you were a bit more pleasant-sounding.

It was a pleasure working with you as well Russia. Ive made countless plans to take you out but never followed through with them, mainly because you seemed the most trusting, and trustworthy. I don't like paranoid partners.
29 Oct 15 UTC I think your view of the situation was just the result of masterful manipulation by the other players, Germany. I told the other countries I was sticking with you. They kept on me about how you were going to turn on me, so I told them what I would do if you did. They passed that on to you and convinced you I was paranoid and not trusting. Then you stabbed me and your first comment was about my paranoia getting the best of me. Is there any wonder why I wasn't pleasant sounding after that?
29 Oct 15 UTC Perhaps Russia sounded so trusting to you because none of us tried hard enough to pass on his many plans against you.
29 Oct 15 UTC Russia never shared those many plans with me, sadly. :(

I knew Germany was going to stab you, but as I hadn't secured Iberia yet; there was little I could do to stop him, and I wasn't sacrificing my entire western opening to save you.
29 Oct 15 UTC And a wise decision it was. :)
29 Oct 15 UTC I am still amazed by your whole early game, Italy. You went balls to the wall after France and never seemed to worry about your backside at all.
29 Oct 15 UTC I based my entire game on being able to kill France before the East got sorted out; and I managed it with no time to spare as it was. Though I think Austria's 1901 fleet build really skewered him and ensured that he died far quicker than expected.
29 Oct 15 UTC To be fair - I DID make a deal with Turkey for him to build an army in 1901 if I stayed out of the Ionian Sea; and then worked hard on persuading Russia that the time was right to stab Turkey. I wanted to do something different, and it worked out. :)
29 Oct 15 UTC Well, your play was refreshing.
29 Oct 15 UTC Playing the patient game as Italy had gone badly for me the last few times. I wanted to take some risks.
29 Oct 15 UTC Ohhh saucy.Since we're all doing confessions, I will admit that I did play england and France against each other. I coerced France to enter the channel while I dived in with Italy. Then I realized I could take England as long as I kept France and Russia busy. I was terrified early game about russia but it all worked out.
29 Oct 15 UTC Well, I worked Germany hard about our countries not needing conflict. GR always fight and I diplomatically worked hard to change it. I really did want to work with turkey , but the army build after 01 was something that always stuck with me. It was obvious it came from the Italian, but we did right the ship to take out Austria. As far as the German went, I left that army in Livonia the whole game as a deterrent and had planned to roll fleets to Baltic when his belly was open, but started working with the italian because he was mostly west and there was nobody around to help the Turk
29 Oct 15 UTC Haha - I believe Turkey made that army deal with both me AND Austria. Or at least, that's what Austria later implied to me. I was hoping to work with Russia anyway because Turkey never seemed to really consider attacking him, so I knew he'd come my way at some point. Austria's fleet build made me worry he might die way too quickly but it just about worked out.
29 Oct 15 UTC Austrias fleet build was on me. I pledged to kill the Turk with him, knowing if I change my mind, he has no recourse for me.
29 Oct 15 UTC Oh that much I knew. Germany was really strongly paranoid about an AR early on but I always felt that that was just Austria chucking all his eggs in one basket and waiting for you to cut him up.
30 Oct 15 UTC The fleet build was a gamble. I hoped Russia would continu against turkey with me as we had a good chance to break through. I learned later that Italy had also made a deal with turkey for an army build, it would maybe tipped me over into an army build.
30 Oct 15 UTC Good game guys. Sorry for the relative lack of effort on my part towards the end. Normally I try a lot harder to build opportunities for myself after a stab. But Italy seemed so willing I didn't push diplomatically as much as I should. I do find it funny that Italy felt like there was no chance of my stabbing Russia and Russia felt like I was just waiting to set up the stab. Since that is the opposite of what I wanted both of them to think.

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ssorenn (0 D X)
Drawn. Bet: 50 D, won: 117 D
13 supply-centers, 12 units
Yoyoyozo (182 D)
Drawn. Bet: 50 D, won: 117 D
11 supply-centers, 11 units
Hellenic Riot (1619 D (G))
Drawn. Bet: 50 D, won: 117 D
10 supply-centers, 10 units
Deinodon (379 D (B))
Defeated. Bet: 50 D
OB_Gyn_Kenobi (888 D)
Defeated. Bet: 50 D
Gonnor (149 D)
Defeated. Bet: 50 D
damian (675 D)
Defeated. Bet: 50 D
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