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Finished: 12 PM Wed 10 Jun 15 UTC
gunboat plz
5 minutes /phase
Pot: 35 D - Autumn, 1916, Finished
Classic, No messaging, Anonymous players, Draw-Size Scoring
1 excused missed turn
Game won by Deus (100 D)

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09 Jun 15 UTC nice job, italy! too bad it's winner-takes-all, huh?
09 Jun 15 UTC nice plan
09 Jun 15 UTC Good game, good teamplay Italy
09 Jun 15 UTC Good game, good teamplay Italy
09 Jun 15 UTC yeah, good teamplay italy, you NOOB!
09 Jun 15 UTC thanks. i wasn't very strong where i could have stabbed france from the back. when i could, it was too late. plus i wanted to see you and turkey collapse, only because it took so long...
09 Jun 15 UTC and he could have stabbed me back so many times, but he didn't. so yeah nice teamplay i guess
09 Jun 15 UTC Well,sry some trying to make draw was completely failed and I should not back to smy.
09 Jun 15 UTC italy, with that kind of thinking, you'll never win. and it's not the opinion of a vet, it's just plain obvious, noob.
09 Jun 15 UTC yeah, we had some good mini-wars, turkey. it was fun
09 Jun 15 UTC Yep,Gg
09 Jun 15 UTC A bad day for diplomats ;)
09 Jun 15 UTC @ Germany : Schade um den Angriff von Deutschland, ich war schon im Kanal, wir hätten Frankreich besiegen können, aber leider vertrautest du Russland, anyway friendly greetings from Vienna
09 Jun 15 UTC @Russia: It is exactly the opposite. If Italy wouldn't have sticked to this plan to prioritise you over me, then neither of the two of us would have benefited from status quo. Now the map looks looks nicely blue-green.

was all Italy and I ever needed, since we are in 'No -in-game messaing' game
09 Jun 15 UTC Silent diplomacy (should be th beginning)
10 Jun 15 UTC Silent diplomacy (should be th beginning)