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Finished: 09 PM Sat 13 Jun 15 UTC
Private ODC 2015: Round 1, Board 10
1 day, 12 hours /phase
Pot: 36 D - Autumn, 1906, Finished
Classic, Anonymous players, Draw-Size Scoring, Wait for orders
1 excused missed turn
Game won by Balki Bartokomous (4200 D (G))
21 May 15 UTC Autumn, 1903: Sorry for not being very communicative. Six hours driving today and I'm dead tired. I am home now and will be keeping up with the game better.
21 May 15 UTC Autumn, 1903: GG Russia.
22 May 15 UTC Autumn, 1903: (ghug): Hey, guys. Turkey needed replacement. I think I've found one for you though, so this should only be paused momentarily.
22 May 15 UTC Autumn, 1903: (ghug): And we're back. Please thank new Turkey.
23 May 15 UTC Autumn, 1903: Yes, thank you, new Turkey, for joining us.
23 May 15 UTC Autumn, 1903: I am also grateful for you taking time our of your life to join our little game.
23 May 15 UTC Autumn, 1903: It's a pleasure. Please could you all give me your centres in this game as well?
23 May 15 UTC Autumn, 1903: Sure. Just move your fleet in Bulgaria to Aegean and then Ionian and you can have your choice of Tunis or Naples. Where did you plan to build?
24 May 15 UTC Autumn, 1903: I suspect in either Iceland or Ireland.
25 May 15 UTC Autumn, 1904: Hi Germany,

I'm sure you're not too happy with me, but I would guess that at least a part of you expected this. Italy and I have actually been working together since the start. And this is sort of the natural progression of that. You're clearly a smart player, and I'm sure you'll put up a great fight. I hope that our coming war doesn't mean you'll discontinue communications.


I will communicate Globally with Russia that is all...
25 May 15 UTC Autumn, 1904: From Russia... "But I'm such a delightful guy!"
To Russia... ""
25 May 15 UTC Autumn, 1904: I have no pity for you Germany. You let this happen.
25 May 15 UTC Autumn, 1904: I did but when Russia and I have been working together since turn one it's hard for Russia to say that they have been working together since the start...
26 May 15 UTC Autumn, 1904: All Id like to request a pause until 11pm GMT on Friday. I am traveling for work this week and just found out last night at I will have no internet access during the day and limited access in the evenings. Thanks.
26 May 15 UTC Autumn, 1904: (ghug): Game paused.
26 May 15 UTC Autumn, 1904: Good luck travelling under such primitive conditions!
26 May 15 UTC Autumn, 1904: Be safe.

Everyone else should vote unpause so Germany can be final upon return.
26 May 15 UTC Autumn, 1904: Godspeed Germany. See you guys in a week.
26 May 15 UTC Autumn, 1904: Very well Germany, good luck.
30 May 15 UTC Autumn, 1904: I'm back from the caves... thanks all!
30 May 15 UTC Autumn, 1904: Welcome back.
04 Jun 15 UTC Spring, 1905: GG russia france and I are going to let you solo.
04 Jun 15 UTC Spring, 1905: Thank you Germany.

If that were true, and not a ploy to worry my allies, I think you might be less vocal about it publicly. I'm committed to a three-way draw, and I know my allies are wise enough to hold me to it.
04 Jun 15 UTC Spring, 1905: Okay, okay, I was going for the solo, but maybe I'll settle for a draw. By the way, doesn't Brest look pretty in pink.
09 Jun 15 UTC Spring, 1906: Russia... Since you publically stated you are committed to a 3-way, and all of us think we are part of the 3-way will you let us know (publically) which three it is. :-)
10 Jun 15 UTC Spring, 1906: Its now obvious and I'm glad I changed last minute.

Russia is clearly going for solo.

Italy its likely you can't stop him anyways, but you need to try.
10 Jun 15 UTC Spring, 1906: actually... I don't see how he can be stopped.

Congrats Russia. You played amazingly well in all factors of this game. Deserved win.
10 Jun 15 UTC Spring, 1906: France/Germany - I apologize for not seeing this a few turns back when I did not follow through on our plans then. I still don't think we'd stopped them then and I would not be getting a survive, but I still should have kept to that agreement.
10 Jun 15 UTC Spring, 1906: Thank you England, and thanks to each of you. I do believe that is checkmate (despite my bungled move in Vienna).

This was a fun game, and I think there are some really strong players here. I had a very large advantage in that Austria and Turkey really weren't very committed, and ended up missing turns/not paying much attention. That's a pretty huge bonus for Russia, and I'm sure the game would have turned out differently if someone else had received that advantage.

Italy, I think you are an excellent player. I really do. You did a great job making me feel that you were fully committed to our alliance, and that is a huge skill in this game. You were also a pleasure to talk with and plot with, and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you. Another crucial skill.

In the end, I think you had to observe that I was growing too fast, especially after last Autumn's anvil drop on Germany. It was probably too late for you to mount a counter-offensive at that point I suppose. Of all the players on this board, I feel the most guilt at having to achieve a solo at your expense. I really enjoyed playing with you and I hope to play with you again.

England, I have a lot of respect for you too. I have you pegged for the best player in this game. I have to confess that I poisoned Germany to you early by saying some misleading (i.e., completely false) things, and I think that probably made the game pretty tough on you early. You still showed great flexibility and persistence throughout, and hung on. Overall, I was just really impressed with your game. I primarily have you in mind when I say that I think the game would have turned out differently with a more active Turkey and Austria.

Germany. Ha. Smart strategist. Too trusting in this particular game. You mentioned that as a takeaway earlier, and I think you're right. Though, sometimes you have to take a leap of faith to get anywhere in a game. You just took the wrong leap of faith here, and then continued to take the wrong leap a few times after that. You were also another victim of an uneven board, and would probably have done much better with a more active Turkey/Austria to balance out the east. Still, I really enjoyed our conversations, and you were a great sport about the whole game, despite some rather ruthless play by me. Enjoyed playing with you, and I'd love to play with you in a different game where it makes sense for us to be allies.

Thanks to everyone, and good luck in your other tournament games. I hope that a few from this group make it on to the next round.
10 Jun 15 UTC Spring, 1906: And, finally, I have found that the major failing of online diplomacy is the inability to go out and grab a beer with the folks you've been penpals with for the past weeks. It's certainly a shame in this case.
10 Jun 15 UTC Spring, 1906: I apologize to my fellow players. My moves and messaging were not up to par in this game. Since what is par for me isn't all that impressive (well, some call my messaging nothing short of spam), the result might well have been the same had I played at the top of my game.
10 Jun 15 UTC Spring, 1906: No need to apologize Italy. I think you played a really good game, and had some bad luck that just allowed me to grow too fast.

Incidentally, because this game is no longer in doubt, I don't think anonymity is important any longer. My screen name is Balki Bartokomous, but I believe I'm listed on the tournament page as El Conquistador from PlayDiplomacy.

This was my first completed game over on this website. And I have to say that the quality was very good. This particular game suffered from a couple of absentee players, but there were obviously some really strong players here too. You guys seem to have a thriving community and a lot of active and talented folks. Thanks to all of the participants and the organizers, and I hope to see you guys again in the next round.
10 Jun 15 UTC Spring, 1906: Well, it isn't quite over yet. They could mount a comeback and draw the game. Though I have to apologize for my play, I was busy when this game started and seriously messed up my early game (which consisted of allying either with Russia or Italy, of which i got neither) and by the time I could do anything, I was pretty much dead.
10 Jun 15 UTC Spring, 1906: Nah he's done. There's no stopping him from getting three this turn.
10 Jun 15 UTC Spring, 1906: It sure would be embarrassing if I miscalculated and ended up losing.
10 Jun 15 UTC Spring, 1906: We can win unless we work as one... That's unlikely to happen.
11 Jun 15 UTC Spring, 1906: good game I guess
11 Jun 15 UTC Spring, 1906: All... case in point of Russia and his lies...

He just asked me to hit ready... here is my reply to him.

You can wait... and in the mean time find the lie in the text below that you sent me. Once you find it and let me know where it is I will click "ready".

"That was Italy. (truth!)

I'm honestly not sure I can help you at this point, especially with your destroys. I can't support Munich against Italy's attack. I don't plan to take Holland just yet, but that's about all I can offer."
11 Jun 15 UTC Spring, 1906: Wait, a diplomacy player (and one who was clearly going for a solo at that) lied?
....How surprising.
Please, just ready up and end this misery.
11 Jun 15 UTC Spring, 1906: Actually, that's the other reason not too... I like listening to everyone who didn't see this coming complain. It's really the only enjoyment I'm getting out of this game so I'm trying to milk it for what it is worth.
11 Jun 15 UTC Spring, 1906: Wait, people didn't see this coming?

Actually the only reasons I tried to broker a deal with Russia over Italy was
1. He was more active (though my activity was still shitty)
2. I was expecting you to be prepared for the stab
11 Jun 15 UTC Spring, 1906: Also. It's to, not too.
11 Jun 15 UTC Spring, 1906: 1) Not sure which deal you are referring 2.
To) Thanks for correcting my grammar. It's late and I just don't care enough to proof read my posts and I'm sure you had a hard time understanding it.
11 Jun 15 UTC Spring, 1906: Well, you may notice I kind of turn my back to Russia in a failed attempt to attack Italy, that was the "deal" I was referring to. It didn't go so well.
12 Jun 15 UTC Despite the loss I did enjoy the game. Take care everyone.
12 Jun 15 UTC Good lord... how do you lose 4 centers in the final year...
12 Jun 15 UTC Holy shit Italy... You said you agreed to the moves I sent you and you followed none. Had you listened he would be at 17 right now you ass.
12 Jun 15 UTC Again, great job on the solo balki. You deserved it.
12 Jun 15 UTC Thanks England. You are correct that one set of moves would have kept me at 17 this year, but to what end? I'd have certainly crossed 18 in the next year.

In any event, interesting that this game had players who were in the money in all three other finished tournament games. Hopefully those draws will provide enough points to get you guys through.
12 Jun 15 UTC You underestimate my powers Russia... ;)

Start Backward Open large map Forward End

Won. Bet: 5 D, won: 36 D
19 supply-centers, 15 units
mitomon (175 D)
Survived. Bet: 5 D
5 supply-centers, 4 units
zaneparks (102 D (B))
Survived. Bet: 5 D
5 supply-centers, 9 units
superchunk (4890 D)
Survived. Bet: 5 D
4 supply-centers, 4 units
Caballo Blanco (1005 D)
Survived. Bet: 5 D
1 supply-centers, 2 units
VashtaNeurotic (2394 D)
Defeated. Bet: 5 D
Steingrim (404 D)
Defeated. Bet: 1 D
Civil Disorders
conqueso (85 D)Turkey (Autumn, 1903) with 2 centres.
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