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Finished: 07 PM Sat 14 Mar 15 UTC
Friday Night Lights-9
5 minutes /phase
Pot: 40 D - Autumn, 10, Finished
The Ancient Mediterranean, Anonymous players, Draw-Size Scoring
1 excused missed turn
Game won by pandas13 (100 D)
14 Mar 15 UTC He could've easily retaken rhaetia and support moved himself to ventia forming a line. Instead you pumped a dozen armies through Spain as he protested
14 Mar 15 UTC if you are so great how did you lose Petra, jerusalem, how didn't you break his line?
14 Mar 15 UTC had you given me carth without taking sicilia I could have held rest fine.

rome got lucky on your gain, that was it.
14 Mar 15 UTC You lost Jerusalem Petra and GoP. You would've soon lost sinai
14 Mar 15 UTC I gave up jerusalem right when we stabbed eachother it was a known loss.
14 Mar 15 UTC You could've held where you are had I taken fucking Sicilia carthage thapsus and maybe even Numidia
14 Mar 15 UTC doesn't matter, when you guys reach 200 pts let me know
14 Mar 15 UTC sorry carth, you have 800
14 Mar 15 UTC You could've held where you are had I taken fucking Sicilia carthage thapsus and maybe even Numidia
14 Mar 15 UTC jesus I barely got you two to agree on working together and now I'm the bad guy?
14 Mar 15 UTC I've won more games than you Egypt.
14 Mar 15 UTC Also you ignored Rome for multiple turns. Ignoring you "ally" is fucking poor play
14 Mar 15 UTC I want to see where superchunk is on the GR so we can stop talking about these arbitrary points. my EoG is simple: ┌∩┐( _ )┌∩┐ egypt
14 Mar 15 UTC I ignored one thing from him and that was sag
14 Mar 15 UTC and that was enough. on top of ignoring carthage telling you to go east. I shouldn't have to threaten my allies for shit to get done. it should be a simple request.
14 Mar 15 UTC you've also been defeated 116 times... that is many times greater than me
14 Mar 15 UTC I've only lost 23 times
14 Mar 15 UTC I've played almost 300 more games than you bud
14 Mar 15 UTC

this is how you rank real players superchunk and Tyran is far ahead of you.
14 Mar 15 UTC I haven't played a lot recently so my ghostranking is rather low as it is also based on velocity.
14 Mar 15 UTC Tyran wheres the updated GR?
14 Mar 15 UTC :) <3
14 Mar 15 UTC I'm not sure. I'd ask Valis if I were you.
14 Mar 15 UTC ... and you you've won two more games, lost almost 100 more.. etc
14 Mar 15 UTC you can't even debate that you fucked up this time egypt, you may be a great player every other time but THIS time you fucked up.
14 Mar 15 UTC I made mistakes.

Commander was petty.

Carth stabbed me way too early.

panda deserved the win.
14 Mar 15 UTC Your play in this game at the end was worse than the people I've played with who only played a single game in their life. It takes sheer stupidity to do something that someone says they will throw the game over and ignore all allies
14 Mar 15 UTC yes i should have moved units east a lot earlier
14 Mar 15 UTC panda should have gotten a draw, as should the rest of us, but you wanted to play the grand master of diplomacy the master strategist and ignore all of your allies.
14 Mar 15 UTC that would have freed a fleet to be in red sea
14 Mar 15 UTC CB was petty. I did stab to early. Panda didn't deserve the win. He only grew because Rome was petty and you didn't listen. This game was a 4 way draw
14 Mar 15 UTC You admit had you listened to us you'd have been in a better position and Rome wouldn't have thrown the game. It's the principle of it.
14 Mar 15 UTC Commander, you barely got away with him not taking massila earlier when you grew. That was a risky move that paid off. Don't act like you are awesome. Your petty behavior kept you attacking carth way too long when it was obvious you two should be peaceful and my/persia were growing.
14 Mar 15 UTC Had I blatantly ignored you and started moving into thapsus or leptis I'd expect you to throw the game too
14 Mar 15 UTC And CB was too vindictive
14 Mar 15 UTC I could have move armies earlier. But what I really needed was a fleet in red sea. I'm not sure I could have gotten that had I had just moved armies.
14 Mar 15 UTC I give 2 fucks what you did in the east, my issue is that for most of the game 2 armies sat idol as persia picked you apart. then when I told you not to go into saguntum you blew me off, that to me is an act of aggression and I sure as hell wasn't letting you pick up centers off me and get into a draw.
14 Mar 15 UTC well i'm out... for what it was worth it was a fun game. lesson's learned as always.
14 Mar 15 UTC I may have been vindictive but that move to keep massila was a calculated gamble that paid off because I predicted persia would try to move there.
14 Mar 15 UTC my two armies woudln't have made any dent on my losing everything west of red sea
14 Mar 15 UTC so explain saguntum? since nothing you do is an accident but my good move was.
14 Mar 15 UTC however, once i lost gop, then that fleet could have moved to redsea after retreats and I would have been better. that is where I missed an opportunity and should have moves east. However, I still think you didn't have enough armies up north based on where you stood.
14 Mar 15 UTC The armies would've done a hell of a lot more there than Leptis or Sahara
14 Mar 15 UTC Not to mention you sent 2 armies west when one would've been overkill
14 Mar 15 UTC I think it would have been better had you allowed me into Gual while you maneuvered rest to block and support your other areas. As well as been ok with carth in lig.
14 Mar 15 UTC yes two west was dumb... one was enough
14 Mar 15 UTC either way all made mistakes ... panda won
14 Mar 15 UTC again i'm sorry i flat out ignored you CB.
14 Mar 15 UTC My fall moves would have been:

Dal H
Adriatic sea S H Dal
Ionian -> Epirus
Etruria S Gaul-> Rhaetia
Massila S Gaul-> Rhaetia
Gaul-> Rhaetia
this way he would have either forced me out of Dal or lost Rhaetis but not both.
There are plenty of holes in that but likely he would have done the following:
Rhaetia H
Vind S H Rhaetia
Illyria S Epirus-> Dal
Epirius -> Dal
14 Mar 15 UTC @super- I am sorry for my anger, but to ignore me. I am sorry for being vindictive but I just couldn't keep going after that.

Start Backward Open large map Forward End

pandas13 (100 D)
Won. Bet: 8 D, won: 40 D
18 supply-centers, 15 units
superchunk (4890 D)
Survived. Bet: 8 D
9 supply-centers, 9 units
Survived. Bet: 8 D
4 supply-centers, 6 units
Tyran (938 D)
Survived. Bet: 8 D
3 supply-centers, 2 units
ejb0527 (354 D)
Defeated. Bet: 8 D
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