Finished: 01 AM Sun 28 Dec 14 UTC
Private Southington
1 day /phase
Pot: 70 D - Autumn, 1909, Finished
Classic, Survivors-Win Scoring
1 excused missed turn
Game won by Gost (506 D)
27 Nov 14 UTC Spring, 1901: Greetings to All back after a 6month break from the game and this is my 3rd setup and i have got Austria in one and Italy in this whats the odds. Lmao. Looking forward to speaking to you all.
27 Nov 14 UTC Spring, 1901: gl hf
29 Nov 14 UTC Autumn, 1901: I am up for a draw or cancel i changed my orders with 2 minutes to spare as austria didnt bother to place moves
26 Dec 14 UTC GameMaster: Stal Zima was banned: Accidental duplicate. The time until the next phase has been extended by one phase length to give an opportunity to replace the player.
Remember to finalize your orders if you don't want to wait, so the game isn't held up unnecessarily!
26 Dec 14 UTC (TheMinisterOfWar): Dear members, one member has made an accidental duplicate account. He will be allowed to join shortly again. Thanks for your patience. If there are any remaining issues, please email

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Gost (506 D)
Won. Bet: 10 D, won: 39 D
18 supply-centers, 16 units
dannysparkes (567 D)
Survived. Bet: 10 D, won: 20 D
9 supply-centers, 9 units
JamesBCrazy (101 D)
Survived. Bet: 10 D, won: 9 D
4 supply-centers, 3 units
semipro (713 D)
Survived. Bet: 10 D, won: 5 D
2 supply-centers, 2 units
redsox1326 (173 D)
Resigned. Bet: 10 D
1 supply-centers, 2 units
Stal Zima (100 D X)
Resigned. Bet: 10 D
0 supply-centers, 1 units
CDaley (0 D X)
Defeated. Bet: 10 D
Civil Disorders
redsox1326 (173 D)Germany (Autumn, 1909) with 1 centres.
CDaley (0 D X)Austria (Autumn, 1902) with 0 centres.
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