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Finished: 02 PM Thu 11 Dec 14 UTC
Hollywood Nighs
1 day /phase
Pot: 25 D - Autumn, 12, Finished
The Ancient Mediterranean, Anonymous players, Survivors-Win Scoring
1 excused missed turn
Game drawn
22 Nov 14 UTC Autumn, 6: I am willing to do a 3 way draw. Once Greece is gone, I will vote to draw. Deal?
22 Nov 14 UTC Autumn, 6: I will even draw into a completely defensive posture, allowing Persia and Egypt to take his SCs.
22 Nov 14 UTC Autumn, 6: No, I don't agree to that.
22 Nov 14 UTC Autumn, 6: I would be okay with a 3 way without Rome though. Let us take him out and then draw it.
22 Nov 14 UTC Autumn, 6: sorry Greece, that is not an option. And for Persia and Egypt, this is now a one time only offer.
22 Nov 14 UTC Autumn, 6: Any further aggressive action toward me by either of you will invalidate my offer and I will only work for a solo win.
22 Nov 14 UTC Autumn, 6: You can try to solo Rome, but the world is united against you. I think it is more likely you will be destroyed! Let us see Rome burn!
22 Nov 14 UTC Autumn, 6: Greece, despite your bravado, you will not see the end of this game.
22 Nov 14 UTC Autumn, 6: Taking numidia is your idea of defensive positions? Show your serious by withdrawing or we won't have any reason to believe you.
22 Nov 14 UTC Autumn, 6: Sorry Egypt, I had not heard from you or Persia prior to the moves. I had to assume Greece was running the show for you guys, and you can see what his intentions were. If yours are not in alignment with his, state so now and I will cease my aggressions. Persia is in prime shape to take out Greece (I will even help), and then we 3 can call it a day.
22 Nov 14 UTC Autumn, 6: As you may have noticed, I did pull away from the peninsula of Greece so that Persia can make the call. I will not, however, pull myself back so far as to leave myself open to Greece's desire to burn Rome.
I will give you back Numidia on one condition, which is that you take it with Cirta. I will move Sahara to Cirta next turn, and trust you will not move to Sahara yourself. If Cirta is empty (because it is in Numidia), then all is good and we can move forward peacefully.
22 Nov 14 UTC Autumn, 6: One more thing, just a bit of trivia, really...
Greece is the one that urged me to go for a solo, with the understanding that he would work against Persia in exchange for survival. I ceased working against him so that I get a solo and everyone else (but Carthage) gets a survival status. He was the betrayer in this case (for no good reason really), so you might want to take his words with a grain of salt.
22 Nov 14 UTC Autumn, 6: Egypt, in the Numidia scenario, I will not support my fleet there. But you will need a supported attack to take it. I will hit Leptis with a supported attack, so you will need to defend it will one support if you wish to keep it. This is all just to keep us both honest.
22 Nov 14 UTC Autumn, 6: I have no interest in any trade where what I'm receiving was stolen from me by the other party. I think it's in everyone's best interest if you pull your troops back to Europe since you don't have the ground forces to hold your African territory anyway.
23 Nov 14 UTC Autumn, 6: Rome, you don't have much leverage in this scenario. I'll be completely honest, I don't trust Greece that much at all anyways, I think he knows all he can be at this point is a pawn anyways, hoping for a survive. He saw both mine and Egypt's position against you and figured that to get your solo win, you'd need his SCs versus us just finishing you off all together.
23 Nov 14 UTC Autumn, 6: Clearly my only chance for a survive is working with Persia and Egypt. That makes me loyal and trustworthy by default.
Rome I know you are currently winning, but many times I have seen this type of position over turned.
The history books say Rome must burn. Your leaders have over extended themselves, and become drunk on power. The real warriors of Persia and Egypt; both ancient societies of great learning, will soon show you who is boss. And if humble Greece can help in this then all the better.
23 Nov 14 UTC Autumn, 6: Greece you are correct. Persia and Egypt are your only CHANCE of survival at this point. It should be noted that I am within 2 spaces of locking down a permanent stalemate line, insuring I will be going nowhere. So, by supporting your sorry state, Persia and Egypt would be stating that they are pursuing a 4 way draw. One of which would happen after a long struggle, and one that is not assured. I am offering a short cut to a bigger share of the pie for each of them. They take you out and the 3 of us call it a day.
23 Nov 14 UTC Spring, 7: You know... Persia could even continue his war with me and still take all of Greece's SCs without missing a beat. Then he would never have any doubt that those units would obey orders. He and Egypt could then try to win the same war against me and go to a 2 way split. Or come to their senses and just end this with the 3 way I proposed.
23 Nov 14 UTC Spring, 7: That is less fun. Seeing Rome burn would be hilarious.
24 Nov 14 UTC Spring, 7: Fine, so we do it the hard way.
24 Nov 14 UTC Autumn, 7: The fun way. It is a game after all.
01 Dec 14 UTC Autumn, 9: So, I have to assume that nothing, even the treat of a solo victory for one of you, will break your alliance. Since I missed the chance to secure my stalemate lines, and this game is only worth 25 points (or roughly 13 for a solo winner), and I don't like to miss turns, I will just randomly make moves following this turn. Have fun guys. Since none of you seem to want a solo win, which I find to be rather unsportsmanlike, there is not much else for me to do.
08 Dec 14 UTC Draw between myself, Rome and Egypt?
09 Dec 14 UTC I am good with that.
09 Dec 14 UTC Ditto
09 Dec 14 UTC if everyone is good with a draw, please vote for it
09 Dec 14 UTC Egypt, you going to draw?

Start Backward Open large map Forward End

FlyersFan28 (143 D)
Drawn. Bet: 5 D, won: 8 D
12 supply-centers, 14 units
Buzzle (1531 D)
Drawn. Bet: 5 D, won: 8 D
12 supply-centers, 9 units
JimmyG (109 D)
Drawn. Bet: 5 D, won: 8 D
10 supply-centers, 10 units
Bertilious17 (100 D)
Defeated. Bet: 5 D
KingJohnII (1536 D (B))
Defeated. Bet: 5 D
Civil Disorders
Bertilious17 (100 D)Carthage (Spring, 4) with 4 centres.
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